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• We are dedicated small business and self-employed individual specialists, not a traditional accountancy firm "dipping its toe in the water". All our clients are our priority; they all pay us approximately the same fee and because of our systems, we can give them all a tailored and high-quality service. We don´t prioritise our time and attention to "big business" clients, as tends to happen with traditional firms. • You can access our professional accountants by phone, email and Skype, when it suits you, all year round, not only at year-end or when there´s room in the diary. No appointment necessary and you don´t have to trek to the office. • Our software is bespoke and designed to suit small businesses employing just one or a few people and to minimise the work you do; not a complex, off the shelf package. It´s very easy to use and gives you one system to stay on top of all of your financial, accounting and tax records, doing away with the need for extra paperwork and numerous spreadsheets - be more organised with less effort. • We focus on minimising tax, for small businesses specifically, and on setting up your business to maximise the amount you take home. • You speak to an accountant when you contact us, not a "customer services operative" who will pass you from pillar to post. • We´re happy dealing with sole traders as well as limited companies. Our Offerings • For Contractors & Consultants More often trading as a limited company, contractors need specific help and support when managing a business. Our accountants will help to ensure profit extraction is maximised and taxes minimised by providing tailored wage/dividend calculations whilst ensuring taxes are correctly accounted for. Tailored wage & dividend calculations + PAYE returns for up to 2 directors + IR35 advice and support • For Limited Companies Our limited company package provides a broad range of services to a broad range of business sectors. We can provide you with a tailored accountancy service based upon your business
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Posted On : 2018-10-22 17:04:01