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Canada immigration is brimming with opportunities. Roughly 250,000 new immigrants come to Canada every year. Aspirants migrating to Canada must know about jobs in Canada for foreigners with details of how to get a job in Canada for new immigrants. Canada is an immigrant-friendly country. In fact, the very name Canada is a derivative of the word “Kanata” meaning settlement or village. As the second largest country in the world, Canada is huge in geographical size with an open arms policy on immigrants. Many visa programmes are helping migration to Canada to land up in skilled jobs. Canada’s job scenario for immigrants is dotted with big opportunities for hardworking and innovative professionals. Migration Programs for Skilled Professionals The highly popular skilled worker program recruits experienced people with wider skill sets. The Canadian Business Immigration channel is exclusive for business people to move into Canada to do business and make investments. Provinces like Quebec address their job requirements through Provincial Nominee Program as a prominent mode for hiring immigrants. Overall, job opportunities in Canada are bright as the economy is growing. In the past 15 years, 3.5 million immigrants have found jobs in Canada. How to Find Jobs in Canada? Employment opportunities in Canada depend on many factors. One thing is sure no job is kept ready for a new immigrant on his arrival in Canada. Generally, Canadian employers are very liberal in hiring immigrants knowing their hard-working culture and the international experience. The job opportunities in Canada for foreigners accrue from two streams—permanent residents or temporary workers. Many in-demand jobs are also available in booming sectors such as IT, e-Commerce, Healthcare and related sectors of Medicare. The Fulfilment associate in e-commerce logistics is requiring more manpower and there is constant hiring. Similar is the case with caregivers. Of course, Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories have many opportunit
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